Panning Range Sensor Kit Assembly Guide


This is the assembly guide for the RobotGeek Panning Range Sensor Kit.

Pre Step: Peel Your Plastic

Some of your plastic pieces will have paper masking on one or both sides. Peel the masking paper off before getting started.

There also may be some dust on your parts. This is from the laser cutting manufacturing process. It is harmless and can be cleaned up by wiping with a rag or being washed with water.

Each plastic piece will have 2 sides - a matte side and a glossy side. When you're assembling your kit, the matte side should point up while the glossy side should point down.

Step 1: Mount the servo to the servo plate

2x m3*30 ff stanoff
Hex Standoff F/F
M3 x 20
2x m2*5 bolt
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M2 x 8
2x m2 nut
Hex Nut
2/4x m3*6 bolt
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 6

Img8806.jpg Img8819.jpg
  • Mount the servo as shown using 2 x M2*8 bolts and 2 x M2 nuts.
  • Bolt on the standoffs using 2 x M3*6 bolts and 2 x M3*20 standoffs.
  • If you are mounting the servo without the IR kit use 2 x M3*6 bolts to mount it to your deck.

Step 2: Drill out the horn

  • You will have a black or white servo horn depending on which servo you are using. With a 1/16" drill bit drill out the second hole on each side of the horn.

Step 3: Mount the IR Brackets

4x bolt-m2-med.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M2 x 8
2x nut-m2.jpg
Hex Nut

Img8814.jpg Img8815.jpg
  • Connect the brackets together using 2 x M2*8 bolts and 2 x M2 nuts.
  • Mount the bracket assembly to the horn using 2 x M2*8 bolts.

Step 4: Attach the IR sensor

2x bolt-m3-med.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 10
2x m2 nut
Hex Nut

  • Attach the IR sensor using 2 x M3*10 bolts and 2 x M3 nuts.

Step 5: Mount the Assembly

2x m3*6 bolt
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 6

  • Mount the assembly to your workbench or Geekbot using 2 x M3*6 bolts.

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