Desktop RoboTurret - Commander Control

Direct Control
Pose Control

This demonstration shows how to control the Desktop RoboTurret using direct control with BT Commander via a Bluetooth Serial adapter.

  1. Project Parts List
  2. Assemble your Desktop RoboTurret
  3. Set up your Bluetooth Module
  4. Download the Sketch
  5. Upload the Firmware
  6. Wiring
  7. Control

Project Parts List:

You will also need a bluetooth enabled Android Phone or Tablet.

Assemble your Desktop RoboTurret

Desktop RoboTurret Assembly Guide

Follow and complete the Desktop RoboTurret Assembly Guide if you haven't already done so.

Set up your Bluetooth Module

Follow the Configure the Bluetooth Module section of the BT Commander Getting Started Guide to get your Bluetooth module ready for action.

Download the Sketch

RoboTurret Sketches

A .zip file with all of the RoboTurret Sketches can be found here.

Unzip the file and you will have a folder called desktopRoboTurretV3-master We recommend that you create a folder RobotGeek Sketches in your Arduino user folder and put the desktopRoboTurretV3-master in there. The rest of this guide will assume you've placed your sketches in the following folder.

  Arduino -> RobotGeek Sketches -> desktopRoboTurretV3-master

This will be the same 'Arduino' folder you put your libraries and robotgeek tools in, and NOT the folder where the Arduino application is.

Upload the Firmware

Load the Commander Control code onto your Geekduino. It can be found at:

File -> Sketchbook -> RobotGeek Sketches -> desktopRoboTurretV3-master -> roboTurret_Commander_Incremental


Wiring for commander control over bluetooth is as follows:

Device Pin Type Pin #
Pan Servo Digital 10
Tilt Servo Digital 11
Laser Digital 2
HC-05 Bluetooth Module Digital UART
HC-05 Pin Geekduino Pin


When you plug the Turret into a power source, the pan and tilt motors will center, and the bluetooth module will begin quickly blinking. This shows you that the firmware is loaded and the bluetooth module is looking for a connection.

  1. Open BT Commander on your phone or tablet
  2. b_500_500_16777215_00_http___learn.trossenrobotics.com_images_projects_BTCommander_phone4.png
  3. Select 'Connect to Device', and choose your Bluetooth Module from the list.
  4. b_500_500_16777215_00_http___learn.trossenrobotics.com_images_projects_BTCommander_phone6.png
  5. The Link Status should now say connected. Choose your control method (Basic or Smooth), and you can start moving your turret!

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