Arduino Linear Actuator Tutorial - Button Control of a Small Linear Actuator



This Arduino Linear Actuator Tutorial shows how to control a Firgelli linear actuator using an Arduino and three buttons with preset positions. Three positions are preset in the code with each position assigned to a button, so when a user pushes a button the small linear actuator moves to that position.

For Arduino Linear Actuator projects the small linear actuators by Firgelli are excellent. These linear actuators have an internal controller which allows them to be operated just like a servo. By using the Arduino Servo Library we can simply send out the desired position to the actuator and it moves to the position.

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Project Parts List:


Device Sensor Shield Port
Linear Actuator (white/red/black cable) Digital 9
Push Button 1 Digital 1
Push Button 2 Digital 2
Push Button 3 Digital 4
PWM Voltage Jumpers on Sensor Shield Both set to VIN

Arduino Linear Actuator Code:

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